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Lawn Roller Tips and Advice - How to Flatten a Lumpy LawnBecause of their heavy metal construction, they pose more of a challenge when making sharp turns. Additionally, they can be filled only with water, whereas poly models can be filled with water or sand. Despite their weight and the need to use them with water, steel lawn rollers are a strong choice for the most difficult uneven lawns.

The Dirt on Dirt - Sand | Proven WinnersSand is composed of silica, usually quartz crystals, and these have relatively no ability to hold onto nutrients and little ability to hold on to water. Hopefully you are not Ant Control - When and How to Rid Your Yard of AntsIf this is the method you choose be extremely careful not to pour the borax directly on your lawn. If you do, it will kill your grass as well as the lawn ants. From lawn ant control to insect damage page. Once you finish getting rid of ants in the lawn, you can begin planting grass .How to Repair Your Lawn - Better Homes and will be thin and scraggly. To make the seed application uniform, spread half the seed in a north/south direction, then turn around and apply the other half in an east/west direction.What's the difference between sharp sand & building sand ...Sharp Sand is a general purpose sand used mainly for external fine concrete work, rendering, lawn top dressing and internal floor screeds. Normally used where more strength and less flexability are required.Moss and lawn sand - sand to kill the moss. Prof. Alan Gemmell (sp?) of GQT fame many years ago, had a recipe for lawn sand involving ferrous sulphate. Can anyone remember the recipe? Is it worth making my own, or is commercial stuff with modern chemicals more effective these days?--Chris

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1Next, sand the area by hand, or if you want to make quicker work of things, opt for a power sander. Continue sanding until there's a roughed-up surface to which the paint can adhere properly.Make Your Own Self-Cleaning & Sharpening Area - dummiesIf your ground is relatively level, gently sloped, and has no major impediments like huge boulders, you probably can grade your lawn yourself. The tools you need for soil grading are simple. First, because you may need to haul soil from a higher spot to a lower spot, make sure that you have a .Westland Lawn Sand - 200m2 at Homebase.ukWestland Lawn Sand is ideal for creating a moss-free lawn. It blackens moss and greens the lawn. It also helps improve drainage for lawn growing on heavy soils.6 Tips to Help You Create a Lush Lawn | Reader's Digest6 Tips to Help You Create a Lush Lawn. Reader's Digest Editors. 1. Build up the low yellow spots. The makers and sellers of pest and fungustreatments would love you to believethat every yellow ...

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2(Just be aware that some hardy survivors from the old lawn will probably make it to the top of the new one.) Building new topsoil on an old lawn requires a more gradual approach, a combination of aeration, topdressing, and amending the soil. Aerating "fluffs up" the soil that's already there. Top dressing adds to .Lumpy-bumpy lawn - causes and fixes (How to repair a bumpy ...The lawn is made up of layers, for simplicity, lets say: the soil, roots, thatch, and the blades. Thatch is the area just above the soil, that protects the roots. It is normally about 1/4″-1″ in height of matted decomposing grass clippings and generally dying old grass .How does sand on the lawn work to fill in holes ...Apr 20, 2005· How does sand on the lawn work to fill in holes? Thread starter ... and she thought they were literally taking sand paper to each blade of grass to make sure the lawn was even. She's dumb. ... the machine that makes it look like a pack of small dogs crapped all over your lawn. This puts holes all over the lawn, second step is to get sand and ...How to Top-Dress Lawns with Compost - dummiesIf you've gone through the effort of making rich compost of your own, you can use it to top-dress your lawn for thicker, healthier grass. You can use compost to top-dress both new and existing lawns.Garden Myth Busted! Don't Add Sand to Clay - Southern LivingA lot of people think you can loosen up clay by mixing in lots of sand. It's sounds logical. After all, among all the constituents of soil, clay particles are smallest and compact the most, while sand particles are biggest and compact the least.

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